How Can Stone Veneer Improve Your Home?

Try stone veneer to freshen up your home's exterior in Apple Valley, CA

The team at Tommys Masonry is excited to offer stone and brick veneer. Stone veneer, or a stone fa├žade, is a great way to get an expensive look without spending a lot of money.

But, what is stone veneer? Stone veneer is a manufactured product that looks and feels like real stone. It's a great, cost-saving alternative that looks fantastic.

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So many materials to choose from

So many materials to choose from

When you choose to go with veneer, you have a lot of options for a lot less money. These products look and feel like real stone, but they are much less expensive. Like all construction and masonry materials, there are positives and negatives to using veneer instead of real stone.

Let's consider the pros and cons of using brick veneer over real stone:

- It's less expensive than stone
- It's environmentally friendly
- It's lightweight
- It's easy to apply

- It cannot be reused
- It's not as strong as stone
- It can be hard to fix damages

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